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Our mission

To be present and become visible

  • We are delighted that AFS Germany adopted a sexual identity policy at their 2011 general meeting. You can find the German and English version in this document:
  • We regularly staff information booths at many national and regional AFS events.
  • We are more than happy to supply you with our material, i.e. postcards and/or buttons. Just contact us.

To inform and create awareness

  • We have compiled a collection of queer-themed board games and offer training workshops on the use of the queer games collection at AFS training and education camps. Please contact us to find out more.
  • Our new website is an important part of our public awareness campaign. 

To be approachable and competent

  • QueerExchange is the GLBT ambassador and contact for all divisions of the program work at AFS international student exchange and AFS volunteer service programs. We are volunteers of all ages with a wide range of personal experiences.
  • We are available for all questions concerning sexual diversity and intercultural exchange.